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GoClubsOnline and AGF Support for Qualified Teaching Programs

As touched on in the Overview, any subscriber can apply for a Club Account, fill in an application form with details of the club, meeting times, postal address, etc. and make a PayPal payment to cover the Club Account fees.

Through an agreement with the American Go Foundation (AGF) we are able to help educational institutions that run an AGF approved Teaching Program in two ways:
  • GoClubsOnline Club Accounts are available for one third off the normal entry level fee.
  • Our GoClubsOnline fees qualify for matching funds from the AGF.
The net effect is that school clubs, for example, can obtain a Club Account for about one third of the usual fees or about $13/yr instead of $39/yr. This same low fee is available to all qualified educational institutions regardless of the number of members. An additional benefit may be enjoyed if the school club can find a benefactor who can give a directed donation to the AGF to pay for these fees. Depending on the benefactor's tax position, the benefactor may also receive a tax deduction since the AGF is a 501(c)4!

After a club with an AGF approved teaching program has made the corresponding PayPal payment, we will verify eligibility with the AGF before activating the account. This may add a slight delay to the process. If verification is not provided by the AGF we will refund any monies, leaving the Club Account unactivated.

Reimbursement of the matching funds from the AGF is the responsibility of the school club. Use our confirmation page as a receipt.

GoClubsOnline reserves the right to change Club Account fees with or without notice.

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