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Club Members Features

If you are a member of one or more participating clubs, your navigation column shows additional panels. These panels give you access to the features your Club Administrator has chosen to offer. Features include:
  • Member Services
  • Library Catalog
  • Game Results
For example:

Under Members Services, members can view the basic club Information (meeting location, how to join), the latest News for members, a list of their club's members and the contact information of members opting to share, as well as contact information for club officials. Members can check their Annual Statement to keep an eye on their financial transactions with the club.

The Library Catalog lists publications which are included in the club's library catalog, those that have been checked-out by club members and those that the Member has borrowed. Members can record for themselves which of these publications they have checked-out (borrowed) and which they have checked-in (returned).

The Game Results area lets members record the results of Go games played at the club. By searching these records, members can better determine appropriate handicaps in future match-ups. For AGA members, both players can approve the Game Result so that their Club Administrator can email the outcome to the AGA Ratings coordinator for inclusion in the AGA Ratings system. In this way, members can play rated games to improve their AGA rating without having to attend tournaments.

Club Administrators can make any Subscriber a Member of their Club and collect any dues. Club Administrators also decide whether a Library Catalog or the Game Results areas are featured for their club.

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