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Cool Stuff

Ok, this page is for those who don't want to plow through all the fact packed pages detailing the ins-'n-outs of the fantastic GoClubsOnline. You just want to get the cool stuff! Well, we think these things are pretty cool;
  • drag 'n drop manual pairings
  • on-the-fly generation of graphics for tournament registration trends and book-keeping charts
  • on-the-fly generation of pdf docs for membership cards, badges and prize certificates
  • the ability to pick a theme for your club related pages
  • the ability to manage a tournament from conception, through pairings to wrap up
  • knowing where a club's money is going (boring... but cool)
  • the drill down model for finding stuff
for our international friends the ability:
  • to specify a time zone difference to support local open registration periods
  • to chose from over 210 countries, their currency symbol and ISO code to support book-keeping functions
  • to see our pages in your own language as provided by Google Translate
If you have your own favorite cool-thing, send an email to admin@goclubs.org or use our feedback form after you login.

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