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GoClubsOnline - a Users View

There are three main ways to view GoClubsOnline: one is as a regular subscriber, second as a participating club member and lastly as a Club Administrator as illustrated in the following simplified diagram. Subscribers may sign up for Events, Tournaments and membership in participating clubs. Club Members can also enjoy Member Services, discounts at Events and Tournaments and anything else the Club Administrators may offer their club members. Subscribers and Members can register for Events and Tournaments offered by all clubs.

Club Administrators can offer Events, Tournaments and online club memberships, have access to Club & Membership Management and Book-keeping functions and thus can enjoy most of the power of GoClubsOnline.

GoClubsOnline - Overview GoClubsOnline - Overview

First: the regular subscriber

Anyone can subscribe to GoClubsOnline for free. Creating a Personal Account has been kept as simple as possible (see register) and requires the user to click on a confirmation link in an email we send you as part of the registration process. Clicking on the link will activate your account so that you can log-in.

As a subscriber, you can register on-line to attend any event or tournament that a participating club offers through GoClubsOnline. From the Welcome page, Subscribers can become a member of any club listed when offered by the club. Any membership dues can then be paid by credit card via PayPal if offered by the club.

Registering for an event or tournament indicates to the organizers (the Club Administrator) your intention to attend and pay for the selected event or tournament options you may have chosen. You may be able to pay the fees due with a credit card via PayPal if offered by the organizers. GoClubsOnline doesn't collect any moneys during or for this process. The club organizers are responsible for including in the event or tournament details on how you should pay any fees due. Possibly, the easiest approach is for the hosting club to collect dues and other fees at check-in on the day of the event or tournament, but other arrangements, like PayPal, may be offered. While GoClubsOnline does not participate in any of these financial transactions GoClubsOnline automatically keeps records and provides reports for the club's Book-keeping use.

Second: the club member

Club Administrators can update the membership privileges and record club membership dues for the club's membership. Club Administrators can keep members informed by updating their Club News. Club Administrators can choose to sell club memberships at their events and tournaments, allowing subscribers to sign up as a member during registration.

Members can enjoy discounted entry fees for events and tournaments, as provided by the Club Administrator.

If a Club Administrator chooses to offer a Club Library Catalog and Club Rated Games features for their members, Members can check-in and check-out publications, record game results and, if the members are AGA Members, agree to have such results submitted to the AGA ratings system.

Third: the Club Administrator

Any subscriber can apply for a Club Account from the Welcome page and fill in an application form with brief details of the club. As the applicant you are offered a PayPal button which takes you to a PayPal screen where you can pay for the Club Account annual fee either by credit card or by using any previously set up PayPal account you may have. With growing club participation, current Club Account fees are on sale:

  • $39/yr $95/yr for up to 30 members
  • $39/yr $145/yr for up to 50 members
  • $79/yr $195/yr for over 50 members
  • $27/yr $65/yr for approved Teaching Programs, any number of members.

For regular applications, once the PayPal payment has been made, the GoClubsOnline Club Account is automatically activated, making

  • the applicant a Club Member of the new club
  • the applicant a Club Administrator of the new club
  • a default club fee schedule for the current year for the new club

The Club Administrator can edit club fee schedules to suit.

For clubs with an American Go Foundation (AGF) approved Teaching Program, once PayPal payment has been made, we add an additional step to verify eligibility with the AGF before activating the account.

The new Club Administrator may now convert other subscribers to Club Members either by adding them to the Club Membership roster or recording their payment of any club dues or recommending they join up online at their Welcome page. Clubs set their own dues as they see fit.

The new Club Administrator may also offer optional services for the club members to enjoy, such as a Library Catalog and Club Game Results. There are many tools for the Club Administrator to use to manage the club's membership including, emailing renewal reminders, emailing members, printing membership cards, printing business cards, printing mailing labels, and for AGA Chapters, submitting approved rated club games to the AGA ratings system.

The new Club Administrator may now add events and tournaments to the club's offerings. Specifying the begin and end dates for on-line registration, the Club Administrator determines when subscribers can register on-line. There are many tools available for the Club Administrator to manage events and tournaments including, offering PayPal options, monitoring registrations, managing attendees, emailing attendees and running check-in. For tournaments, the Club Administrator can execute a tournament with our Integrated Pairings module, record winners, and print prize certificates. For AGA chapters, tournament results can be submitted directly to the AGA ratings system. For EGF rated tournaments, the EGD wallist can be exported for uploading to the European Go Database.

As a club's history builds in GoClubsOnline, a Club Administrator can examine trends in membership levels, and event and tournament statistics via the Dashboard.

Some Dashboard Elements

You can get more details under each topic listed on the left and above under 'Learn More...'.

GoClubsOnline reserves the right to change Club Account fees with or without notice.

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